About Us

the Future of Mobility

What really matters is autonomy for people. We’re working to improve lives by giving everyone the freedom to move – whether across town or across the room.

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is building a new approach to mobility and pioneering the technologies that will drive its future.

TRI is applying artificial intelligence to help Toyota produce cars in the future that are safer, more accessible and more environmentally friendly. We are expanding artificial intelligence technology into new applications by strengthening and refining the interaction between human and machine. A summary of Toyota’s work on automated driving, including the philosophy that guides its approach to the technology, its ongoing research programs, and its near-term product plans can be seen at automatedtoyota.com.

Robots that are meeting unique mobility needs

TRI is developing robotics technology with enhanced perception, movement, manipulation and reasoning. We seek to allow people to extend their independence at home, offering freedom of movement and help with performing simple tasks.

Applying artificial intelligence to the hunt for new materials

TRI recognizes that artificial intelligence is a vital basic technology that can be used it to expand the boundaries of materials discovery. To help accelerate the pace of discovery and lay the groundwork for the future of clean energy, research uses machine learning to help identify new materials and to develop tools and processes to accelerate their design and development.

TRI is dedicated to creating a world where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can partner with machines to enjoy a better life.

Through innovations in AI, our goal is to someday develop a vehicle that is incapable of causing a crash. We are also working to develop vehicles and robots that could help people enjoy new levels of independence and mobility in their daily lives.