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Junya "Justin" Kida

Junya "Justin" Kida

Resident Board Member

Junya “Justin” Kida is the Resident Board Member at Toyota Research Institute (TRI). In this role he is responsible for the day-to-day activities and coordination of TRI with Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and other Toyota subsidiaries in the US. Justin has worked for Toyota for 20+ years and brings a wealth of Toyota expertise to this new position at TRI. 

Most recently, Justin was the Vice President of the Connected Company at TMC and responsible for the management of the Global MaaS (Mobility as a Service) business, ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and Alliance Strategy Planning. His main contributions were managing a diverse group of IT relationships, establishing alliances with ride-share companies and overseeing the e-Palette announcement at CES 2018.

Prior to the Connected Company, Justin was Vice President, Business Research at Toyota InfoTechnology (ITC). At ITC, Justin lead Toyota’s Mobility unit and coordinated shared mobility, connectivity services and future business opportunities and technology development with related business divisions.

Before these executive leadership roles, Justin was a Senior Coordinator at Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., in Torrance, CA. Here he was responsible for leading sales, marketing and market representation activities, and all guest experience and retention activities for Toyota regional sales offices and distributors.