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Our Mission
Our mission is to enable innovation and transformation at Toyota by building a bridge between TRI research and Toyota products, services, and needs. We achieve this through partnership, collaboration, and shared commitment.

Represents the “opportunity discovery” of research ideas that we learn from the Toyota ecosystem and take on as challenge problems in our TRI-wide research portfolio and the “adoption discovery” opportunities of matches between our mature research results to technology transitions into the Toyota ecosystem.


Provides supporting roles through the PPM and RSE teams that help TRI’s research divisions grow and nurture their research results through additional resources in software development and program management at the level each of the research divisions wants.


Represents the ODTA team’s efforts to transfer TRI’s mature research results to the Toyota ecosystem and the engineering behind the embodiment of minimum viable prototypes.

Discover, Nurture, & Adopt Teams
Opportunity Discovery & Technology Adoption

Opportunity Discovery: Finding the right partnerships for our research teams at all stages of research maturity.

Tech Adoption: Managing efforts to move research from the lab out to identified partners.

Research Software Engineering

Providing software architecture and development services and know-how to TRI research teams.

Information Engineering

Designing, building, and operating cloud infrastructure and large-scale data solutions.

Help Us Build a Better Future

Enjoy the best of both worlds -- a fun start-up environment with brilliant people who enjoy solving tough problems and the financial backing to successfully achieve our goals.

"Start your Impossible" with us.