Machine Assisted Cognition - blackAMPLIFYING DECISION-MAKING

Using AI to build a deep understanding of human behavior and interactions to aid decision-making.

Exploring how to use data to understand and predict human behavior.

Leveraging a multi-disciplinary approach to aid consumers in areas ranging from driving to business to life.


Helping researchers anticipate future needs for improved product development.

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Human + Machine Interaction

A virtual exoskeleton for the human mind to improve decision-making.

Creating a human amplification system for people and machines to work together synergistically during complex critical decision-making or high-stakes situations.

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Enabling faster and higher quality decision-making across the Toyota group.

We see innovation opportunities at the intersection of behavioral science, causal inference, and machine learning. Our multidisciplinary teams are engaging academic collaborators to develop an application that works synergistically with a human user to make predictions, forecasts, and business decisions.

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