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Human-Centered AI
Understanding People’s Perception and Usage of Plug-in Electric Hybrids 1 Minute Read

Electrification is an important first step toward reducing the greenhouse emissions of passenger vehicles. However, how drivers drive, charge, and operate their electrified vehicles can have a large impact on their emissions, particularly for Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles (PHEVs) that combine all-electric driving with an internal combustion engine. In this paper, we investigate how and why drivers use their PHEVs and uncover design opportunities for interfaces that can support the efficient use of PHEVs. We used a mixed-method approach combining quantitative, qualitative, and concept elicitation methods with PHEV owners in the US. While past findings indicate that PHEV drivers are not motivated to charge regularly, our work contradicts this with evidence of (1) regular charging with home infrastructure, (2) high cost sensitivity, and (3) preference for driving in all-electric mode. Our results indicate that the most critical problem is inadequate user support for navigating poor charging infrastructure. READ MORE