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Polymer Structure Predictor (PSP): A Python Toolkit for Predicting Atomic-Level Structural Models for a Range of Polymer Geometries 1 Minute Read

Three-dimensional atomic-level models of polymers are the starting points for physics-based simulation studies. A capability to generate reasonable initial structural models is highly desired for this purpose. We have developed a python toolkit, namely, polymer structure predictor (PSP), to generate a hierarchy of polymer models, ranging from oligomers to infinite chains to crystals to amorphous models, using a simplified molecular-input line-entry system (SMILES) string of the polymer repeat unit as the primary input. This toolkit allows users to tune several parameters to manage the quality and scale of models and computational cost. The output structures and accompanying force field (GAFF2/OPLS-AA) parameter files can be used for downstream ab initio and molecular dynamics simulations. The PSP package includes a Colab notebook where users can go through several examples, building their own models, visualizing them, and downloading them for later use. The PSP toolkit, being a first of its kind, will facilitate automation in polymer property prediction and design. READ MORE