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Illustration of the cloud based database for raw data sharing
Energy & Materials
A cloud platform for sharing and automated analysis of raw data from high throughput polymer MD simulations 1 Minute Read

Open material databases storing thousands of material structures and their properties have become the cornerstone of modern computational materials science. Yet, the raw simulation outputs are generally not shared due to their huge size. In this work, we describe a cloud-based platform to enable fast post-processing of the trajectories and to facilitate sharing of the raw data. As an initial demonstration, our database includes 6286 molecular dynamics trajectories for amorphous polymer electrolytes (5.7 terabytes of data). We create a public analysis library at to extract ion transport properties from the raw data using expert-designed functions and machine learning models. The analysis is run automatically on the cloud, and the results are uploaded onto an open database. Our platform encourages users to contribute both new trajectory data and analysis functions via public interfaces. Finally, we create a front-end user interface at for browsing and visualization of our data. We envision the platform to be a new way of sharing raw data and new insights for the materials science community. READ MORE