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TRI Receives Three Awards at ICRA 2020
Automated Driving
TRI Receives Three Awards at ICRA 2020 1 Minute Read

PARIS - TRI was recognized at the annual IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2020) with three awards for achievements in automated driving and robotics. ICRA is the flagship conference organized by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

TRI Vice President for Automated Driving Technology Dr. Wolfram Burgard received the IEEE ICRA Milestone Award, which recognizes the most influential ICRA paper published between 1998-2002. Burgard was a co-author of the paper “Monte Carlo Localization for Mobile Robots,” presented at ICRA in 1999. The paper is being honored for its impact on the robotics and automation fields since its publication. In fact, this method for robot localization is currently being used in TRI research vehicles for position estimation.

TRI also received two 2019 Robotics and Automation Letters Best Paper awards. TRI Vice President of Robotics Research Dr. Russ Tedrake and team members Alex Alspach, Naveen Kuppuswamy, Alejandro Castro and Calder Phillips-Grafflin were honored for the work on “Fast Model-Based Contact Patch and Pose Estimation for Highly Deformable Dense-Geometry Tactile Sensors.” Tedrake was also awarded for co-authoring the paper “Self-Supervised Correspondence Visuomotor Policy Learning.” 

The awards were presented during a virtual ceremony.

Watch Awards Ceremony