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Image of Supra on Thunderhill raceway track
Human Interactive Driving
Toyota's road to autonomy relies on human drivers 1 Minute Read

Hear what Axios Journalist Ina Fried says about riding in Toyota test vehicles with a front-row seat to Toyota Research Institute’s latest autonomous technologies.

Fried joined a group of journalists at a recent media event led by TRI’s Human Interactive Driving (HID) team at California’s Thunderhill Raceway. There, reporters climbed into a modified Toyota Supra, Lexus LC 500, and other test vehicles to see firsthand the power of combining autonomous-equipped vehicles with expert human drivers.

Fried, who also met with TRI CEO Gill Pratt and HID’s Senior Director Avinash Balachandran, wrote, “The experience highlighted that while autonomous vehicles face challenges, computers are much better suited to many driving tasks. And they can do things a human can’t, such as applying on the front or rear brake or applying the brake differently to the right and left sides of the pedal.”

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