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TRI Robotics Virtual Open House | Press Kit


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Gantry Robot

TRI has developed a unique prototype overhead gantry research robot in a mock home in its Los Altos, CA headquarters.

FMK two tools.

TRI's prototype mobile manipulation research robot can be taught to perform different household tasks with different interchangeable tools.

Gantry Robot

A unique overhead robot developed by researchers at TRI peeks out from inside a mock home in TRI's Los Altos, CA headquarters.

Bubble Mug

TRI researchers have developed unique "bubble" gripper fingers that allow a robot to handle delicate objects and learn to sense the shape of the objects it picks up.

Kuka Mug Air

TRI has developed unique custom gripper fingers to help robots perform household tasks, such as picking up plates, silverware, and mugs, and loading them into a dishwasher.

Kuka Dishwasher

A research robot in TRI's Cambridge, MA lab validates simulation by performing the task of loading dishes from a sink into a dishwasher.

Cam5 wide shot

Research robots are constantly learning (with some human supervision from TRI researcher Sam Creasy) in TRI's Cambridge, MA lab.

.TRI Mock Home

TRI has designed and built a mock home in their Los Altos, CA headquarters to accelerate research on various unique assistive robots

T-TR1 All Hands

TRI designed and built the T‑TR1 prototype telepresence robot to research new ways of providing remote presence and mobility for all

VR Teaching

Lukas Kaul, a TRI research scientist, teaches a robot to perform a sweeping task using a virtual reality system to see what the robot sees and command the robot to perform actions.

GMK Bottle Dan

TRI's unique prototype overhead gantry research robot puts away objects in a mock home without needing to navigate the cluttered floorspace, as research scientist Dan Helmick watches.

FMK Swiffer

TRI's prototype research mobile manipulation robot is able to reach up high and down low, and use interchangeable tools for different household tasks.




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VROH 360 YouTube

360º Robotics Virtual Open House Presentation:

broll image

Robotis Event B-roll

TRI Robotics B-Roll:

4K Traditional 16:9 footage of the robots seen in the virtual open house presentation.


From Generation to Generation - A Future Home Vision:

TRI UX research provides a look into a potential future, 15-20 years from now, where the application of robotic capabilities is enabling members of an aging society to live full and independent lives in spite of the challenges that getting older brings.

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