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image of TRI's supra
Human Interactive Driving
MotorTrend Journalist Alex Leanse Reports On His Day at the Track in TRI's Self-Drifting Toyota Supra 1 Minute Read

TRI "leans into AI to make cars safer, more capable, and more fun," Leanse wrote of his experience at an international media event TRI's Human Interactive Driving division held at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA.

On his ride in the self-drifting Supra, Leanse says, "Drifting precision like this requires an innate connection between machine and driver - except, this machine had no driver at all."

"Even amidst these autonomous capabilities, TRI maintains focus on making the act of driving safer and more enjoyable for humans," Leanse wrote. "It treats its AI development as a 'driving sensei' that works with who's behind the wheel rather than taking over entirely. Likening this system to a dance partner or co-driver, TRI's ideal is for Toyotas to teach more than intervene."

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