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picture of Avinash Balachandran
Human Interactive Driving
Industry can benefit when AI melds with physical world, researcher says 1 Minute Read

Automotive News journalist Pete Bigelow spoke to TRI's Avinash Balachandran, senior director of the Human Interactive Driving division, on cutting through the hype around generative AI and how the automotive industry could truly benefit from AI technologies that can work with humans rather than replace them.

The (Toyota Research) Institute's approach to developing AI runs counter to much of the hype surrounding the burgeoning technology. It says AI should support humans, not supplant them,” Bigelow wrote.

From advances in large behavior models for robotics to AI-based driving instructors, Balachandran "believes the auto industry is well positioned to capitalize on further AI developments."

"Just as development of large language models has led to advances in generative AI, Balachandran said fine-tuning of large behavior models will help pioneer AI's next chapter," Bigelow wrote.

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Photo credit: Pete Bigelow (Automotive News)