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robot in the TRI lab
Human Interactive Driving
Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Way Cars Are Made 1 Minute Read

Newsweek journalist Jake Lingeman reports on how “AI is changing the way cars are made, and how the public interacts with them.” He includes the latest news from TRI’s Robotics and Human Interactive Driving teams and their research using Generative AI.

“In September, the Toyota Research Institute announced a breakthrough using generative AI to teach robots complicated new skills,” Lingeman wrote. “It wants to build a ‘large behavior model’ for robots equivalent to the large language models chat AI programs are using.”

TRI’s Russ Tedrake, VP of Robotics, said, “The ability to quickly teach new skills will allow us to use robots in applications that have traditionally been difficult or impossible to automate. We could now imagine robots that could work alongside people, helping them to replace fluids, wipers, filters, lights, wire harnesses, and or deal with other difficult-to-model materials.”

Read more about how the automotive industry is harnessing the power of this new technology and about TRI’s breakthroughs in his article.