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In an AI future, Toyota Research Institute still sees room for human touch 1 Minute Read

Automotive News Journalist Pete Bigelow talks AI and the near future of robotics with TRI’s Max Bajracharya, senior vice president of Robotics.

On Tuesday, TRI announced a “breakthrough” generative AI approach “that teaches robots more than 60 skills, including pouring liquids and using tools, without writing a line of code,” Bigelow wrote in the article.

“The institute expects that it will help its robots learn hundreds of skills by the end of the year,” Bigelow wrote. “It's a landmark step toward making robots more versatile in a wider range of environments.”

"If we've done our job right, these can apply to many different applications," Bajracharya was quoted saying.

Read more about the work TRI is doing across its research divisions in this Automotive News article.