Adrien Gaidon interviewed on This Week in Machine Learning Podcast
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Adrien Gaidon Interviewed on "This Week in Machine Learning & AI" Podcast

LAS VEGAS -- Adrien Gaidon, Manager of Machine Learning at TRI, is the featured guest on a new episode of the "This Week in Machine Learning & AI" Podcast. Host Sam Charrington talked to Adrien at the AWS conference in Las Vegas about TRI's work on deploying distributed deep learning in the cloud, at scale. In the conversation, they discuss the origins of TRI’s ML Platform, and specifically the DDL tools, which is built on top of Pytorch, building up infrastructure starting with single nodes, applying DevOps to their research and more.

The "TWiML & AI" podcast is known for bringing top minds and ideas from the world of AI to its audience of an influential community of data scientists, engineers and tech-savvy business and IT leaders.

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