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Privacy Request


Toyota Research Institute, Inc. (“TRI”) is a US-based research & development enterprise that is committed to improving the quality of human life through advances in artificial intelligence, automated driving and robotics. While TRI is part of the Toyota global group of companies, please note that submission of this form only exercises your rights with TRI and its wholly-owned subsidiaries which include Toyota Ventures (“TV”).

If you are a resident of California and you want to submit a request to TRI or TV under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), please fill out the webform below. Once we receive your request we will reach out to verify your identity. Once verified and subject to any applicable exclusions, we will treat your request as applying to any of your personal information that has been collected by TRI or TV. 
Using this form does not exercise your rights with Toyota Motor North America, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation, any Toyota, Lexus, or Scion dealers, local Toyota dealer associations, private distributors, Toyota Financial Services, Lexus Financial Services or Toyota Insurance Management Solutions. If you wish to exercise your rights with these entities, you will need to do so by contacting them directly. For requests intended for Toyota Motor North America (the operating subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation which oversees its operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico), please be sure to submit a request through their Privacy Hub
Please visit TRI’s Privacy Policy for additional information.