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What We Do

We’re focused on enriching our understanding of the fundamental processes in battery manufacturing by improving process data flow, creating new inspection measurements, and leveraging data to develop a scientific understanding of battery manufacturing. Only through manufacturing innovations can we improve safety and lower the cost of batteries to bring electrification to all.

Our team creates a scientific understanding of the entire battery production process.

Our solutions leverage production data, machine learning, and new non-invasive inspection technology.

Our customers are the engineers working on the factory floor and those designing the next-generation batteries.

While data and machine learning are critical, people remain the most essential part of the process. As we know, factories have experts. A necessary part of our work is determining how to inject expert knowledge into the data system and provide actionable insight.

The Challenges

Toyota has a worldwide goal of 3.5 million battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by 2030. 

construction site in North Carolina

To meet North American demand, Toyota is building its first US-based battery production site in North Carolina, which will begin producing batteries in 2025. The investment in this facility is roughly $14 billion. At TRI, we’re working closely with the North Carolina teams to bring new capabilities inside the plant to help improve yield, minimize waste, and ensure the safety of the final product.  

Manufacturing is a complex process with many interconnected steps. Data is central to understanding and improving how the factory performs. We need robust, real-time data sources to manage the business, supply chain, and production schedule, improve quality, minimize waste, and lower costs. However, we can only understand and enhance the process steps with sufficient data to enable a scientific understanding of factory physics. The physical process of battery production is so complex that we require data to drive our scientific knowledge.

Battery Manufacturing Projects

Our projects entail leveraging production data, machine learning and new non-invasive inspection technologies to help deliver manufacturing innovations that are safer and lower battery costs to bring electrification to all.  

  • Battery Evaluation and Early Prediction: BEEP