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Event-driven data management with cloud computing for extensible materials acceleration platforms 1 Minute Read

The materials research community is increasingly using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate research and development. A materials acceleration platform (MAP) typically encompasses several experimental techniques or instruments to establish a synthesis-characterization-evaluation workflow. With the advancement of workflow orchestration software and AI experiment design, the scope and complexity of MAPs are increasing, however each MAP typically operates as a standalone entity with dedicated experiment, compute, and database resources. The data from each MAP is thus siloed until subsequent efforts to integrate data into complex schema such as knowledge graphs. To lower the latency of data integration and establish an extensible community of MAPs, we must expand our automation efforts to include data handling that is decoupled from the resources of each MAP. Event-driven pipelines are well established in the computational community for building decoupled data processing systems. Such pipelines can be difficult to implement de novo due to their distributed nature and complex error handling. Fortunately, the broader computational science community has established a suite of cloud services that are well suited for this task. By leveraging cloud computing resources to establish event-driven data management, the MAP community can better realize the ideals of extensibility and interoperability in materials chemistry research. READ MORE