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Erin McColl headshot image

Erin McColl

Senior Manager

​​Erin McColl is the senior manager of the Opportunity Discovery and Technology Adoption team at Toyota Research Institute (TRI). Previously at TRI, she worked as a staff technical program manager for Automated Driving, managing the portfolio of driving projects.  

Prior to TRI, Erin worked at CSIRO, Australia’s government research agency. At CSIRO, she worked in the robotics group on projects including an autonomous vision system for Boeing factories, robotic sensing platforms for nuclear waste monitoring with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and as the program manager for the CSIRO DARPA-funded subterranean challenge team, building a fleet of robots for underground robotic search operations. Before this work, Erin worked in materials research labs on biofabrication processes and as an automation engineer for food manufacturing. Her career interests are focused on the space between research and industry and understanding complex systems, both technical systems, complex human networks, and the interface of the two. 

Erin holds a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in mechatronics engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering from the University of Queensland, Australia. A Master of Applied Science from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and a Master of Biofabrication from the University of Wurzburg, Germany.