Dr. Guy Rosman

Dr. Guy Rosman

Manager, Human Aware Learning

Dr. Guy Rosman is the manager of the Human Aware Learning team within the Human Interactive Driving (HID) division at Toyota Research Institute (TRI), researching models for human behavior understanding, prediction, and interaction.

During his postdoc at MIT/CSAIL, Dr. Rosman received the Technion-MIT post-doctoral Fellowship and worked with the Distributed Robotics Lab and the Sensing, Learning, and Inference group. His research interests include inference and machine learning techniques in human-aware robotics, autonomous driving, and computer vision.

Dr. Rosman received a BSc Summa Cum Laude, MSc Cum Laude, and Ph.D. from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (with the Jacobs-Qualcomm fellowship), in the Computer Science Department. Prior to TRI, he worked at several companies, including IBM Research, RAFAEL Ltd., Medicvision, and Invision Biometrics (Intel Realsense).