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TRI CEO Dr. Gill Pratt presents at the 2016 CES

Highlights of Dr. Gill Pratt's remarks during the Toyota press conference at the 2016 CES:

  • "Up to now, our industry has measured on-road reliability of autonomous vehicles, in the millions of miles, which is impressive. But to achieve full autonomy we actually need reliability that is a million times better. We need trillion-mile reliability."

  • "In 1933, Toyota recognized that the world was changing. While our company was making fabric looms…automobiles were defining the future."

  • "Toyota has traditionally been a hardware company because in the past the most important technology for enhancing human mobility was hardware. The old joke, is that Toyota is the world’s best manufacturing company. They just happen to make cars. Times have changed, and software and data are now essential components of Toyota’s future mobility strategy."

  • "It is entirely possible that robots will become for today’s Toyota what the car industry was when Toyota made looms."

  • "Home robots may be even more personally prized in our future than cars have been in our past."

  • "TRI will enthusiastically pursue collaboration with other OEMs, IT companies, suppliers, research labs, and universities to jointly develop autonomy technology."

  • "Toyota’s goal is to move people across the room, across town, and across the country."

  • "People have reasonable fears about whether technology will work in their best interest, or if it is competent to do the jobs we assign. We need to be sure that the autonomous agents given the power to make decisions are capable of being audited. We can’t trust what we don’t understand, so we must build cars that can explain their actions."

  • "Most of what has been collectively accomplished has been relatively easy because most driving is easy. Where we need autonomy to help us, is when the driving is difficult. And it’s this hard part that we intend to address."