Our mission

TRI's mission is to use artificial intelligence to improve the quality of human life. We are dedicated to making automobiles safer, more affordable, and more accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability, and to expanding the benefit of mobility technology beyond automobiles, for example to in-home support of older persons and those with special needs.

“Times have changed, and software and data are now essential components of Toyota’s future mobility strategy.”

News and Events


TRI continues to explore blockchain technology for development of a new mobility ecosystem that could accelerate development of autonomous driving technology.  At the May 22 Consensus 2017 conference in New York City, TRI announced its collaboration with the MIT Media Lab and other partners in this space.   Read more » 


TRI is bringing AI to the hunt for new materials with a $35 million investment to accelerate advanced materials science discovery using AI.  Initially the program will aim to help revolutionize material science and identify advanced battery materials and fuel cell catalysts that can power zero-emissions and carbon-neutral vehicles.  Read more » 


TRI offered a first look at its second generation autonomous test vehicle at the Prius Challenge, Onramp 2017 event, its annual Silicon Valley event providing the community with a hands-on experience of future mobility.  Onramp 2017's cornerstone event was the Prius Challenge, and also included a media roundtable with key executives as well as rare and exciting driving experiences for participants.  

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Career Opportunities

TRI is hiring scientists and engineers who have a passion for creating a new world of mobility alongside colleagues who are equally brilliant, humble and committed to making a difference.


We are looking for great software engineers who are passionate about deploying robotics and artificial intelligence to improve the lives of millions. Read more »

Research scientist

We are looking for researchers who are passionate about expanding the frontiers of machine learning in the areas of deep learning, convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning. Read more »