Steve Winston

VP, Advanced Product Engineering

Steve Winston

Steve Winston is the Vice President for Advanced Product Engineering at Toyota Research Institute (TRI) where he leads platform development activities supporting TRI's Guardian and Chauffeur automated driving projects.

Within the TRI driving organization, Steve leads teams responsible for the core platform middleware, software/hardware interface, simulation tools and cloud services.

Prior to joining TRI, Steve spent 20+ years in the consumer electronics space, leading organizations and teams in the delivery of operating system platforms (such as webOS) and a range of consumer products including Smart TVs and phones. His previous companies include LG Electronics, Hewlett Packard, Palm and Philips, with roles including Chief Architect and VP of Engineering.

Steve is passionate about developing high performance teams capable of delivering repeatable, high quality results. His goal at TRI is to enable Toyota to deliver on the promise of Guardian and Chauffeur to rewrite the safety paradigm for our mobility solutions.