Mark Schrage

VP, Driving Engineering & Operations
Mark Schrage

Mark Schrage (he/him) is the Vice President of Driving Engineering and Operations at Toyota Research Institute (TRI), where he leads Systems Engineering, Vehicle Hardware Platforms, Test Engineering, Field Operations and Technical Operations.

Prior to joining TRI, Mark spent 20+ years in vehicle and autonomous systems development, including program management, testing, and prototype design and build. His roles have included executive vehicle program leadership from initial concept creation through design and production. His testing leadership experience spans autonomous vehicles, vehicle dynamics, reliability, and proving ground development. His previous companies include Apple, Toyota Motor North America, Toyota Motor Corporation and General Motors. He has enjoyed opportunities to live, learn and work throughout North America, as well as in Japan and Europe.

Mark received a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, M.B.A. from Arizona State University, and is a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Mark is passionate about the safe development of outstanding products by diverse cross-functional teams.