Daisuke Sato

Daisuke Sato

Senior Coordinator, Opportunity Discovery and Technology Adoption

Daisuke Sato is the senior coordinator of the Opportunity Discovery and Technology Adoption (ODTA) team at Toyota Research Institute (TRI). ODTA's mission is to introduce and transfer TRI's capabilities to Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and other companies and to bring research seed needs to TRI. 

Prior to TRI, Daisuke worked in R&D at TMC. He was in charge of the research and development of high-efficiency solar cells with Tokyo University and later participated in the design and development of a solar power charging system for batteries for the Prius plug-in hybrid, which was released in 2016. He was also responsible for the design and development of a high-capacity, high-power battery system for a prototype electric vehicle. Furthermore, he led the development of an autonomous driving model of the "Micro Palette," a small mobility vehicle for logistics that was exhibited at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, as well as the planning and development of an autonomous small mobile vehicle that handles last-mile logistics and human mobility.

Daisuke received a Master of Engineering degree in electronic and physical engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.