Catherine Wong

Catherine Wong

Senior Manager, Product & Program Management

Catherine Wong is the senior manager of the Product & Program Management (PPM) team at Toyota Research Institute (TRI). The goal of the PPM team is to bring industry best practices for product and program management to work alongside the research teams, where diversity of project objectives precludes a one-size fits all approach. Catherine joined TRI in November 2019 to help lead the Toyota Autono-Maas R&D Experience project for the Olympics Capabilities Showcase.

Prior to TRI, Catherine served in a variety of roles holding leadership responsibilities in strategy, product, engineering and operations. Her area of interest is on new business-driven innovation and digital transformation. Since 1992, she has worked in companies ranging from private startups to publicly held companies (e.g., PayPal, Yapstone, Netflix,, and Honda Innovations). 

Catherine holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from University of California, Davis.