The Robocup@home Standard League wants you!

Toyota’s Human Support Robot (HSR) is the robot, with the right skills (and code), that can finally make the dream of “Rosie” from The Jetsons a reality. With the top of the line sensor and actuation capability, HSR is one of the best mobile manipulator platforms in development today. It is fully equipped to autonomously map and navigate your home, and with right programming it can open doors, even fetch a cold beverage from the fridge, tidy up home and even load those dirty dishes in dishwasher.


As one of the best mobile manipulator platforms out there, HSR was selected to be a standard platform in the upcoming Robocup@Home Standard Platform League challenge.  Robocup@Home is the largest international competitions for autonomous service robots held annually as a part of the RoboCup initiative.  This challenge uses a set of benchmark tests to evaluate a robots abilities and performance in realistic home environments.  

With native ROS support, integration with world-class SLAM, and a capable manipulator (including suction!), HSR was specifically designed to handle almost anything in the home.

Check out the video below:

Bring your A-game because you could be selected to be one of the first to receive a HSR.  But you have to act quick!  The deadline to apply is Nov. 20.  Please find the details here.