The future of mobility promises to bring comfort, safety and convenience to our lives. Realizing this vision presents significant research challenges in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Material Science. 


Research Areas



Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

From perception to action and in-between, TRI is looking at novel approaches to machine learning and deep neural networks that will permit safe and reliable partnering between machine and human drivers.



Home Robotics and Assistive Technologies

As the need for more in-home care increases with an aging population, what are the types of assistive technologies that will bring the most happiness and value to the home? What kinds of machines, and what types of interactions will be seen as helpful - with robotic devices to handle mundane household tasks?


Materials Design and Discovery

How can we identify - or design - novel materials that break through barriers that are accepted as fact? What visual or other interactive techniques can help humans see new approaches, guided by AI technologies, to discover breakthrough materials?