TRI @ Grace Hopper Celebration 2016

Kate, Tiffany, Steffi and Katarina brainstormin' in the design lab!

Kate, Tiffany, Steffi and Katarina brainstormin' in the design lab!

Hi, I’m Katarina Miller, a Machine Learning Software Engineer at TRI. With the support of everyone back home at TRI, Allison Fastman, Steffi Paepcke, Laura Stelzner, and I are thrilled to be at to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC), and look forward to meeting (and recruiting) other women in technology. GHC is a conference in honor of Grace Hopper, inventor of the first compiler for a programming language. 

Track us down to learn more about the exciting AI and robotics projects underway at TRI. We are also sponsoring the Arab Women in Computing Reception, an event open to 100 folks interested in mingling and finding out about open opportunities at Toyota Research Institute. 

At TRI, our products will be used by a diverse group of people, and therefore must be designed, built, and tested by an equally diverse team. Steffi’s group is designing the User Experience (UX) of autonomous vehicles and other robots, working at the intersection of design, psychology, and robotics (she also designed our TRI@GHC shirts).

The women at TRI organize regular coffee and boba tea meet-ups and chat on the women’s Slack channel, supporting each other professionally and socially. Allison reached out to me on Slack the day I joined and we are looking forward to meeting at GHC as we work in different offices. We’re proud to work at TRI and enjoy the excellent benefits that support all aspects of our lives: flexible hours, 26 weeks fully paid medical leave, 26 weeks fully paid maternity leave, 16 weeks fully paid parental leave, and 16 weeks fully paid adoption leave (and more).

We are hiring for positions across the company at our offices in Palo Alto, CA, Ann Arbor, MI, and Cambridge, MA; including positions in UX design, software engineering, machine learning, simulation and control, and more. Talk to Laura, a new member of our robotics team, about the positions they are hiring for. Check out our website for more information and submit an application (, or email us at

Come meet us at the Arab Women in Computing Reception on Wednesday, October 19th at 6pm in Room 640 of the Hilton, or at our coffee hour by the Main Lobby of the Conference Center every day of the conference from 1-2pm to talk to us about what it’s like to work at TRI!